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Talk the talk

Posted by Pamela on July 17, 2007

In Reply to: Talk the talk posted by Thierry on July 16, 2007

: What does the phrase "to talk the talk and grab the goat" mean?

There are no hits on google if you include the "grab the goat" part; so I'm assuming that the full saying isn't in common use. When I searched for "grab the goat", I found alot of hits which seemed to be about grabbing goats (how to) with some pages about a the game called Buzkasi (in which men on horseback do something involving a goat's corpse - women are forbidden from even watching, so I didn't read on to add it to my list of trivial stuff I know)). There was only one figurative use of "grab the goat" in the first couple of pages ("Grab the goat by the testicles") meaning, I assumed much the same as "grab the bull by the horns". The phrase I have heard is "You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk", meaning that talking is easy, but doing what you are saying may be beyond you. Pamela