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Spitten image

Posted by Gary Martin on June 19, 2007

In Reply to: Spitten image posted by Mac on June 19, 2007

: In reply to 'Spitting Image' by David Sturdy on September 30, 2002 - I come from N.Ireland and as long as I can remember we have used the expression in Ireland 'spitten image'. However, nowadays the younger people use the expression 'spitting image'.
: Regardless, it meant to us that someone was the double of another. i.e. The son or daughter was the 'spitten image of the father or mother, whichever was relevant. An expression of a similar meaning, also used in Ireland, is 'the spit out of their mouth'.

Thanks for the info. We have discussed that phrase several times before. I don't recall hearing from anyone who has used the expression in its old 'spitten image' form. See: