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About to fall apart

Posted by Baceseras on June 07, 2007

In Reply to: About to fall apart posted by Probe on June 07, 2007

: : : : : : How do say that something is about to fall apart, but it isn't yet?

: : : : : "It's about to fall apart" includes that it hasn't fallen apart yet.

: : : : : You might also say it's on the verge of collapse, it's unstable, it will soon fall apart, it's near to disintegrating, it's going to come down, its life as an intact entity is almost over, it's a house of cards . . .

: : : : Held together with spit and (take your pick) baling wire, chewing gum, prayer. There are several variations.

: : : "On its last legs" ... "Here today, gone tomorrow" ... "Don't blink or you'll miss it" ... "The next strong wind will take it down" ....

: : "On it's (or their) last legs" was one of my mother's stock sayings, whether she was referring to socks or hats.

: "Here today, gone tomorrow" - may it also be used with a reference to a person instantly moving, who may disappar any moment?

Yes, all these phrases may be used in reference to persons as well as things.