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Pass muster

Posted by Li Yar on May 31, 2007

In Reply to: Pass muster posted by Baceseras on May 30, 2007

: : Does anyone know the exact origin/meaning of the phrase "to pass muster?" A recent T.V. show depicted this phrase as a naval term. ??? The Google search doesn't satisfy me.

: Not necessarily naval, but military certainly. The roots of the word 'muster' go back to late Latin meaning a showing or display. In English 'muster' has meant specifically a military assembly, with inspection implied. So to pass muster is to be all correct, passing inspection.

I think you'll find the original phrase was 'pass mustard' and reflects on the unpleasant colonic effects of spicy food ;-)

that one mustard be true - it's on the internet!

Li Yar