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Explain please

Posted by RRC on May 20, 2007

In Reply to: Explain please posted by pamela on May 20, 2007

: : : : Can anyone explain the meaning of the following sentence: A black cutout of a human shadow oozed across the first page of Chapitre Quatre.

: : : Unless Chapitre Quatre is Chapter 4 of an e-book, you have a remarkable graphics accomplishment at this location. A black cutout is presumably meant to indicate a silhouette, so the human shadow would be represented in silhouette. If it oozed its way across the page, we are talking either about an e-book (electronic book) or a miracle.
: : : SS

: : "The Lottery" by Beth Goobie. A young adult fiction novel in which a secret society (known as "Shadow Council") operating at the school summons its victims by leaving messages on the back of human-shaped paper cutouts. This particular message is inserted in Chapter 4 of a French text-book. "Oozed" is a strange word to describe the action of an actionless paper doll stuck between two pages, but perhaps it was intended to make the "shadow" sound sinister. Pamela

There's an art form of cutting profiles out of usually black paper which are then mounted one white paper. These are called silhouettes. For example,