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Get norched

Posted by Kashima on January 22, 2007

Could someone help me with the meanig of the word "norched" in the following context?

After Shane tells Silas(Shane's elder brother) that man(a man who visits their mother witn no notice in advance during a family event) is a DEA agent, Silas tell Shane, he's your boyfriend and you(the mother) dont' care about their father(deceased father) anymore. So Shane smashed the cake and run upstairs and Silas go outside to fuck up the stucco with a basketball and Andy(the boys' uncle) go upstairs to get norched.I (the maid, Mexican woman) eat from stress.

Andy likes to smoke pot, so could it mean "get stoned". Or does it mean just to "lie down, go to sleep"? It seems to be a new slang that I can't check out in a dictionary. Thank you in advance