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Roi Snider?

Posted by Lewis on November 02, 2006

In Reply to: "Snyder's Hound" posted by Chloe Craig on November 02, 2006

: "Snyder's Hound"-- someone else asked about the phrase "As fast as Snyder's hound," which is in the archived discussion. I am also interested in this, because my mother's side of the family comes from Southern Ohio, which is near the phrase's origin of Virginia. However, the women used "Snyder's hound" in a new phrase which was "This place looks like Snyder's hound has been through here"-- meaning a room that had been disordered in a hurry, such as a living room after Christmas morning. Does anyone else have any ideas on this on Snyder or his hound? Who was he and why was his dog so fast?

Isn't it probable that 'Snyder' is a badly written "Schneider"?

Just a thought.