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Duffing over

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on October 08, 2006

In Reply to: Duffing over posted by Smokey Stover on October 08, 2006

: : what is the meaning of "duffing over"?

: To duff something, or duff it over, normally means to give it a new air, a new appearance, or otherwise manipulate it to make it seem better (or at least different) than it might otherwise seem. But without a context here, I can't be sure what it means where you saw it.
: SS

In the UK, "duff" as a verb is used only in the phrase "duff up", which means to beat [someone] up. "Duff over" could possibly be an amalgamation of this phrase with "do [someone] over", which means the same thing. Does that make sense in context? and is it a British or American context? (VSD)