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Who are you.

Posted by Gary Martin on July 21, 2000

In Reply to: Who are you. posted by Mary on July 21, 2000

: I've been viewing the threads since last december and must say that this is definatly educational, interesting and fun--(and addicting).I was wondering (if it's not a secret) what is ( Is this a university in england's site. Are you teachers there? is the URL of Sheffield Hallam University, UK. The Phrase Finder site isn't part of the university's web publishing efforts. SHU provide web staff for staff who work here for personal homepages, this is a site I set-up in my spare time (I work at SHU as Web Administrator).

The Discussion Group is really the work of the contributing authors, esp. ESC, Bruce, Bob and other regulars. I just lit the blue touch paper.