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Abby or Ann?

Posted by ESC on July 09, 2000

In Reply to: Abby or Ann? posted by ESC on July 09, 2000

: : : : : Is it always with the "and" or could it be this way:
: : : : : Wake up.
: : : : : Smell the Coffee.
: : : : : If the 2nd is also correct, does it imply that it is definitely "coffee" we are referring to rather than a preoccupation?

: : : : I've never hear this expression nor has anybody else I've consulted. It would therefore seem it has limited distribution and may have started life as a meaningless joke or jest.

: : : I've seen the phrase used frequently in a newspaper advice column in the U.S. But I can't remember if it is "Dear Abby" or her sister "Ann Landers" who advises clueless people to "wake up and smell the coffee." Meaning "face the facts."

: : "Ann Landers" but I'm not sure if originated it, or just popularized it.

: I'm sure it didn't originate with Ms. Landers. But I couldn't find it in any of my reference books.

PS. I just e-mailed Ms. Landers. But I'm not optimistic about getting a reply soon. I read an article about her column -- she gets 2,000 snail mail letters per DAY. So she's a busy woman.