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"Bodice ripper" ... type of story??

Posted by ESC on July 05, 2000

In Reply to: "Bodice ripper" ... type of story?? posted by Patty on July 05, 2000

: I've run across the term "bodice ripper" to describe a type of novel. I'm not sure exactly what is meant, though the image presents a general impression. I think I've also heard the term used for certain types of film themes.

: Can anyone tell me just what they mean? Thank you.

: Patty

I believe "gothic novels" is the correct term. "Jane Eyre" is the mother of all bodice-rippers. I haven't read any since high school but I'll give it a go: The basic storyline is a young, beautiful, innocent woman goes to work at a castle as a governess or whatever. Her employer is a handsome but dark, brooding character. Remember our heroine is innocent but at some point she is overcome by passion but recovers her good sense and resists his advances because of the aforementioned purity. Result: a ripped bodice.