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"What's My Line"

Posted by Gary Martin on May 25, 2000

In Reply to: "What's My Line" posted by Bruce Kahl on May 25, 2000

: Yes, the game was a 50's TV show entitled "What's My Line?
: On that long-lived program, the panelists tried to determine the occupation of a guest. This often involved guessing at the nature of a product with which the guests might be identified and, to that end, finding out the size of the product. The commonest question along this interrogative route, heard so often that it became a running gag, was "Is it bigger than a breadbox?"

Apropos of nothing in particular, apart from a bit of nostalgia. There was a version of the show on British radio too. The most memorable occupation, which didn't get guessed, was Sagger-makers Bottom Knocker. This was a real job involving cleaning out debris from saggers - which are the cases used to protect pottery when it is fired in a kiln.