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Heavens to Mergatroyd

Posted by ESC on June 07, 2000

In Reply to: Heavens to Mergatroyd posted by The Silver Surfer on June 07, 2000

: : Hello,

: : Does anybody know where the phrase Heavens to Mergatroyd came from or what it means?

: : Thanks!
: : Shilah

: The site is littered with best efforts on this phrase: just do a search of the archive.

It's not always easy to access things in the archive. I couldn't find this one and I know we've discussed it.

Anyway, if memory serves, the phrase is a "catchphrase" or saying of Snagglepuss, a TV cartoon character. And the best we could come up with about why "Mergatroyd," was that it is a snooty sounding name.