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Caught Red Handed Derviation?

Posted by The Silver Surfer on June 05, 2000

In Reply to: Caught Red Handed Derviation? posted by Josje on June 04, 2000

: Hi folks, I am interested in knowing the origins and derivation of the phrase, "caught red handed". In particular, I am interested in knowing if it is a reference to bloodied hands in the act of committing a crime or whether there is some reference implied about native americans committing crimes. Thanks, Josje.

My interest is not so much in your question, which has been adequately answered below, but why you have asked it twice.

Can you provide and answer, since you are probably the only one who can?

I'm considering publishing a short work 'Those who ask twice' as I've found that there are many reason from "didn't hear the first time" to "can't believe the answer" to "I know you said something and I know I heard something but only at the end did I realise that it was of interest and hence ask you repeat it and this time I'll really listen.

In the case of a written answer I have few understandable reasons and would welcome input

Many Thanks

The Silver Surfer