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US Phrases from 05-22-00

Posted by Frankie on May 30, 2000

I appologize for the new thread from a 05-22-00 question. But, I was away on a honeymoon and have catching up to do. Thought I would start fresh.
In New York, being a pigeon means that you're easy prey. In other words-- taken for granted. Scam artists here in the Big Apple would refer to tourists as pigeons. A chicken head means to be tossed aside, not even looked at or discarded. Basically, women "A" was saying that she is used from time to time but is not discarded or dumped. Since this was a talk show I would wager that they were fighting over a man who cannot commit to either one of them. The "pigeon" gets the "booty-calls" (called on only when the man wants sex) and the "Chicken Head" doesn't even get that. She is not even considered as someone to pursue. Sorry, no references---just a native New Yorker.