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Lock step

Posted by Bob on August 12, 2000

In Reply to: Lock step posted by Kelly on August 12, 2000

: "Lock step" - anyone heard of this phrase? I'm editing an article on investing and my client uses this phrase in this sentence: "On the downside the international markets move lock step with the U.S. markets."

You hear it most often as "in lockstep"
From Miriam Webster (on line)
Main Entry: lock.step Pronunciation: 'läk-"step Function: noun Date: circa 1802 1 : a mode of marching in step by a body of men going one after another as closely as possible
2 : a standard method or procedure that is mindlessly adhered to or that minimizes individuality - lockstep adjective - in lockstep : in perfect or rigid often mindless conformity or unison