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Pop yer clogs

Posted by ESC on June 02, 2006

In Reply to: Pop yer clogs posted by sheena on June 02, 2006

: who knows where the phrase "pop yer clogs" comes from. We have a hypothesis that it comes from people pawning goods to pay for the funeral.

: look forward to hearing comments

Here's one theory from the archives courtesy of Mr. Briggs:

Possibly to pawn one's clogs. As clogs were once essential, this would only be done if one had no further need of them - if one was dead.

The word 'pop', meaning to 'pawn', is an integral part of the Victorian song 'Pop goes the weasel', where a 'weasel' is thought to be a tradesman's specialised tool. The above suggested origin for 'pop your clogs' rings very true to me.