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Mingled words

Posted by Pamela on May 30, 2006

In Reply to: Mingled words posted by Bob on May 28, 2006

: : Hai, Now a days two words are being mingled with and used as single meaning. Eg: Wanna = want to. Especially English News Papers are doing these experiments. In messaging also we could see this type of words. I want to know some more words like 'wanna'. I feel happy if you give me the list of mingled words.

: Dunno. Kinda fun question. I'm less inclined to call them "experiments" ... they're more like slangy phonetic spellings of colloquial speech. It takes a tiny amount of effort to pronounce all the consonants in "don't know" and "kind of" and "want to," and sloppy speakers provide the examples to spell phonetically.

: I think we Americans are the worst at this. I listened to the joint news conference of W and Tony Blair the other night. Blair was articulate and clear; W was his usual bumbling ungrammatical corn pone accented self. I was picturing a vast audience of yokels in Texas or Alabama or worse nodding in agreement, thinking that man sounds like one of us. Yee haw.

: By the way, you need a little more "mingling." Newspaper and nowadays are each one word.

Three Australian ones that have made it to the dictionary: struth (that's/it's the truth), onya (good on you), gidday (good day). There would be many more. Pamela