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Mingled words

Posted by Bob on May 28, 2006

In Reply to: Mingled words Posted by T.suresh kumar on May 28, 2006

: Hai, Now a days two words are being mingled with and used as single meaning. Eg: Wanna = want to. Especially English News Papers are doing these experiments. In messaging also we could see this type of words. I want to know some more words like 'wanna'. I feel happy if you give me the list of mingled words.

Dunno. Kinda fun question. I'm less inclined to call them "experiments" ... they're more like slangy phonetic spellings of colloquial speech. It takes a tiny amount of effort to pronounce all the consonants in "don't know" and "kind of" and "want to," and sloppy speakers provide the examples to spell phonetically.

I think we Americans are the worst at this. I listened to the joint news conference of W and Tony Blair the other night. Blair was articulate and clear; W was his usual bumbling ungrammatical corn pone accented self. I was picturing a vast audience of yokels in Texas or Alabama or worse nodding in agreement, thinking that man sounds like one of us. Yee haw.

By the way, you need a little more "mingling." Newspaper and nowadays are each one word.