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Fugitive Unit or Fugitives Unit?

Posted by RRC on June 13, 2006

In Reply to: Fugitive Unit or Fugitives Unit? posted by David FG on June 13, 2006

: : Many police forces carry out the function of locating Fugitives. Should such a function be referred to as a Fugitive Unit or Fugitives Unit?

: In my opinion it should be 'Fugitives' Unit': it is the unit charged with locating fugitives. 'Fugitive Unit' sounds like it is the unit itself which is the fugitive.

: However, I am aware that government departments do not always pay the greatest attention to the niceties of usage.


Surely "Fugitives' Unit" would belong to fugitives rather that be a unit for fugitives? I vote for "Fugitives Unit". The next person will probably say it should be "Fugitive(s) Unit" so that a single fugitive may be captured as well as groups of fugitives. (^_^)