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death by irony

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 20, 2006

In Reply to: death by irony posted by Smokey Stover on April 20, 2006

: : What`s the meaning of " death by irony "

: Interesting query. After trying to suck some hard information out of the sites cited by Google, I have concluded that the meaning is just: an ironic death. The phrase has become popular lately, among bloggers, at any rate, and many seem to be aware that Lara Croft says, in the videogame "Tomb Raider: Legend," "Death by irony is always painful." There's a certain amount of commentary available which suggests that the writer of the script wanted to have Lara mouth sardonic comments on matters of life and death in the manner of James Bond.

: There are any number of ways of death which could be called ironic. For example, in the movie Panic Room, the terrified mother locks herself and her daughter into the "panic room" for protection against the home invaders looking for the money they know is in the house. Ironically, the money is in the "panic room," and the robbers are going to get it.

: If you peruse the Google citations you'll find other examples of ironic death. Death by irony? No such thing, but it's a clever form of words. SS

I hope it's obvious that I don't know who first uttered the words, "Death by irony." As for "Panic Room," it was an ironic situation that did NOT result in the death of mother and daughter. Tagline of the film: "It was supposed to be the safest room in the house..." If any ironic deaths took place, it was the violent deaths of two of the conspirators.

If by "ironic death" we mean "death under ironic circumstances," this has long been a staple of detective stories and police procedurals. For the TV show, CSI, ironic deaths are almost a specialty. ╚ SS ╝