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When you come to shoot, shoot, don't talk

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 20, 2006

In Reply to: When you come to shoot, shoot, don't talk posted by hary on April 19, 2006

: What is the meaing and usage of the phrase "When you come to shoot, shoot, don't talk"?

The literal meaning is clear enough. You might hear such a thing at, say, a British hunting party on some imposing estate. The referred meaning could be something like: Stick to business. Don't chatter when you're trying to get something done. Shut up amd let me do what I came to do. Keep your eye on the ball. Concentrate on the business at hand, and don't distract the others with idle chatter.

Usage: don't use it. If you didn't grow up knowing this expression, your use of it is bound to puzzle your interlocutors. SS