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Like milk and water

Posted by RRC on May 01, 2006

In Reply to: Like milk and water posted by Brian from Shawnee on May 01, 2006

: : : : "you two go together like milk and water"...what is meant by this ?

: : : It means those two don't go together. Try mixing milk and water and you'll see for yourself.

: : Brian, it's oil and water that don't mix. Milk and water mix just fine - milk is mostly water. (^_^) I've never heard the expression as posted.

: OK so technically milk and water "mix". I guess my advice to the original poster should have been "try tasting milk and water mixed together".

: I've never heard the expression, either, but it sure doesn't sound like a compliment to the happy couple.

If it's just taste, it's pretty easy to think of worse things than watery milk. Like orange juice and milk - not only tastes bad, it's lumpy! ~~>_<~~