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Up against the wall

Posted by David FG on April 30, 2006

In Reply to: Up against the wall posted by ESC on April 30, 2006

: : : What is the origin of the phrase "first up against the wall, come the revolution"

: : It is a reference to execution by firing squad, in which the condemned person is stood against a wall and shot.

: : The phrase is suggesting that 'come the (desired) revolution whoever is being mentioned will be the first to be executed.'

: : It is not generally to be taken literally.

: : DFG

: I feel a song coming on (and just in time for Mother's Day):

: Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother

: He was born in Oklahoma
: His wife's name is Betty Jo Thelma Liz.
: He's not responsible for what he's doing;
: His mother made him what he is.

: And it's up against the wall redneck mother
: Mother who has raised her son so well.
: He's thirty-four and drinking in them honky-tonks
: Just kicking all them hippies' a**es and raising h*ll...

Mothers' Day was weeks ago this side of the Atlantic (I think: I could be in trouble if I have got that wrong.)