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Peg out

Posted by James Briggs on February 11, 2006

In Reply to: Peg out posted by Bob on February 11, 2006

: : Peg out
: : Pressure Guages usually have a stop or 'peg' that the needle bumps against at the high end. Consequently, when a device is running at its maximum capacity, it is said to be 'pegged' or 'pegged out'. Often used to refer to cars or engines.

: I'm familiar with "pinned" and "pinning the needle," but this may be only an American use. Is "pegged" UK usage? In our archives I see "pegged out" as a cribbage term, which I have heard.

Very common UK useage, consiered by many to have a cribbage origin. The game is finished by the winner putting a peg in the final hole - the end, hence the end of life.