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This isn't singing 'Kumbaya

Posted by Bob on February 26, 2006

In Reply to: This isn't singing 'Kumbaya posted by abe on February 26, 2006

: "This isn't singing 'Kumbaya,' " I understand that 'Kumbaya' is a folk song and that the word is associated with unity or closeness.

: But I often hear "This isn't singing 'Kumbaya,' ". Could someone restate the phrase for me without using 'singing' and 'Kumbaya'.

This is a tough problem, and the solution won't be easy. Heads will roll. People will be stressed. Bruises, conflict, struggle. Darwinian survival for those who endure. It is not, in short, a situation that can be solved by sitting around in a circle singing wimpy folk songs hoping that uplifting attitudes will make everything right. Pragmatism versus "newage," which is New Age thinking set to rhyme with sewage.