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"trim the sucker"

Posted by Bob on March 25, 2006

In Reply to: "Trim the sucker" posted by RRC on March 24, 2006

: : : : Anyone ever heard of the phrase "trim the sucker"? Here's the context: "We use it like a blackjack player uses a deck of cards to trim the suckers--just as elegantly."

: : : Well known gardening phrase - not!

: : : suckers=rubes=marks

: : : to trim? to skim off, to fleece, to cut them down to size

: : : you have simply stumbled upon a bad piece of metaphor.

: : : L

: : Thank God for context. So fleecing the mark is intended, apparently. But it IS a well-known gardening phrase as well. SS

: Not too mention barbershops! Beard too long? Trim the sucker! (^_^)

Which reminds us of the old poker adage: look around the table. If you can't spot the sucker, you're the sucker.