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'Pissing in the wind'

Posted by Bob on January 24, 2006

In Reply to: 'Pissing in the wind' posted by Smokey Stover on January 24, 2006

: : : 'Pissing in the wind' where does this phrase come from and what exactly does it mean? I thought it meant pointless but that would be more like 'pissing in the rain'. This would make it similar to 'drop in the ocean' - which does make sense!

: : I've heard (and said) "spitting in the wind" and "pissing in the ocean," but not "pissing in the wind." Not a common phrase to my knowledge.The first is a poor strategy, the second a quixotic gesture, but I'm puzzled about the phrase in question.

: What's puzzling about it? If you emend the phrase to "pissing into the wind," or if you actually do it, the consequences will be readily apparent. I think the point of the phrase is that if you make certain kinds of gesture, perhaps to show contempt, you had better know which way the wind is blowing. (If anyone is unsure what "into the wind" means, think "against the wind.") I'm not sure the original meaning presupposed that the putative pissing was a gesture of contempt or defiance, but it is obviously a possibility. Otherwise, why make a point of it? SS

You're right. I googled and found lots of "pissing into the wind" hits.