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Quid Pro Quo

Posted by Smokey Stover on January 17, 2006

In Reply to: Quid Pro Quo posted by R. Berg on January 17, 2006

: : : Quid Pro Quo. what is an example of a way I could use this term/phrase? would this work, "you mow the lawn Quid Pro Quo I take you to the movies? if you have any examples please help!

: : You hit the nail on the head.

: : Your phrase means literally:
: : This for that.
: : You do something for me and I will do something for you in return.

: Your example of lawn and movies gets the *idea* of "quid pro quo" right, but that isn't the way the phrase is *used*. It's used as a noun. It can refer to one of the items exchanged or to the act of exchanging them. Since you didn't use much punctuation, I can't tell exactly how the phrase stands in your example. A correct use: "If you mow the lawn, I'll take you to the movies as a quid pro quo."

Several years ago there was an FBI sting, or trap, which caught a few politicians accepting bribes. The public was then educated on the difference between a bribe and a campaign contribution as follows. When the offer and acceptance of the money is dependent on a quid pro quo being asked by the donor and promised by the receiver, that's a bribe. That is, I give you the money, you give me something in the form of specific legislation or votes. Quid pro quo, this for that (t i t for tat). SS