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Flip side

Posted by RRC on December 12, 2005

In Reply to: Flip side posted by Bob on December 11, 2005

: : I saw the string of re's to "flip side." I thought about another orgin of the saying... Back in the day, us foolish people believed that the earth was flat. "Catch you on the flip side," could be saying something along the lines of catching someone on the other side of the earth. What do you think?

: The belief in a flat earth disappeared long before modern English. Except perhaps in Kansas, where they still believe in a firmament.

Back in ye olde days before CD's, we had these antique things called "records" that actually had stuff recorded on both sides and you had to flip it over to hear what was on the flip side. RRC ;-) BTW, the headquarters of the International Flat Earth Society is in California.