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"I only came about my cough."

Posted by RRC on November 30, 2005

In Reply to: "I only came about my cough." posted by ESC on November 29, 2005

: : "I only came about my cough."

: : could anybody explain the meaning of this phrase to me? I heard this phrase in the movie "sunday, bloody sunday". it is not out of context which makes it even harder for me to understand.

: Sounds like the punch-line of a joke.

Refers back to saying he wanted a pill for his cough earlier in the speech. Imagine going to the doctor because you have a cough (not the plot of the movie, but bear with me). The doctor says you need to quit smoking, lose 30 pounds, exercise more, be nice to puppies, and proceeds to tell you his life's story. Since you have no interest in any of those things, you interrupt him saying, "I only came about my cough."