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Native American name joke

Posted by Li Yar on November 28, 2005

In Reply to: Letting a baby choose its own name? posted by ESC on November 18, 2005

: : has anyone ever heard of American Indians letting a baby choose its own name?

: I have heard that the circumstances around a child's birth determine her name. Don't know which tribe or what.

Native American goes for a job - manager asks him his name - he says "Joe"
manager - "it says 'G' on your tax papers"
Joe - "well, my tribal name is based on what my father first saw after he looked out of the teepee when I was born - my proper name is 'Gurgling Mountain Stream', but I prefer 'Joe'"
manager - "Tough break, kid"
Joe - na, it's worse for my sister, 'Twodogsshagging'"

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