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This snerks... big time

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on November 22, 2005

In Reply to: This snerks... big time posted by ESC on November 21, 2005

: : Hello. I wonder what the sentence: 'This snerks... big time.' could mean? thank you

: I looked on the Urban Dictionary site. None of these really fit.

: 1. snerk

: A small, devious smirk.She snerked upon finding out that the guy who cut her off in traffic ended up in a fender-bender.
: Source: Anowyn, Apr 2, 2004

: 2. snerk

: A combination of a sneer and a smirk. Used as a verb in instant messenger conversations, never as a noun.I had a private snerk when I saw my ex at the convention and noticed he was going bald at 19.
: Source: spiraling, Feb 13, 2005

: 3. snerk

: The action of liquid coming out of one's nose when made to laugh.Susan snerked her milk when Johnny made her laugh at the joke.
: Source: bryan, Jul 7, 2004

: 4. snerk

: The international sound for "I got your nose" Or "A noise of amusement with a touch of snark thrown in for good measure""She was snerked by his remark." "Grandpa always snerked when he played with his grandson."
: Source: Firestorm, Oct 6, 2003

Sounds like a faux expletive made up by a TV writer, along the lines of "shozzbot" (Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy), or "frack" constantly uttered by the spaceship pilots on the original Battlestar Galactica. Now, if I were the writer, I'd have one character say "this snerks" and another one say "big time". But come to think of it, it seems like all TV characters would just say "this sucks" in this day and age.