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To kill a mocking bird

Posted by Bob on November 14, 2005

In Reply to: To kill a mocking bird posted by ESC on November 14, 2005

: : I was assigned to write an news article about tom robinsons tril or verdict I have to write about what would have newspapers when they found tom robinson guilty in to kill a mocking bird I dont know what to do im really confused please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: Read through the summary at SparkNotes

: Who
: What
: When
: Where
: How (and sometimes) Why

: format. To start you off:

: Convicted rapist Tom Robinson was shot and killed last night during an escape attempt.

: Here is a good online article about writing a news article --

Bunny, you should be deeply grateful for the help. I think ESC was going beyond the call of duty to give you this helping hand. Now, here's where you have to do your part. You must write your homework assignment much more carefully than you wrote your question, which had no capital letters at all, and no punctuation except for the dozen or so exclamation points at the end. (Trust us, one is enough.) It won't matter much to your teachers what you write if you write it carelessly Good luck.