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Posted by Lewis on December 21, 2005

In Reply to: D-mob happy posted by Victoria S Dennis on December 20, 2005

: : I'm looking for the origin of the phrase "D-mob happy"

: It's "Demob happy". Demob is short for "demobilisation", the process by which after World War II the Allied armies were gradually reduced and the servicemen discharged. Servicemen awaiting their demob date typically got excited, nervous and erratic.

"De-mobilisation" is not restricted to WWII. When a country "mobilises" for war, it often conscripts civilians into the armed forces. When they are released back to civilian life, they are "de-mobilised". the common expression used is "demob". on leaving the forces, service personnel got a "demob suit" which was a set of civilian clothes with which to return to "civvy street".

De-mob has nothing to do wit gangstas.