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Where I live we don't use mustard to make pumpkins

Posted by RRC on December 20, 2005

In Reply to: Where I live we don't use mustard to make pumpkins posted by Bruce Kahl on December 19, 2005

: : : : : I would like to know the meaning of "you are out of your gourd". Does anyone know this?

: : : : Used to describe an extreme mental state--as in "You're out of your gourd" meaning you are crazy or "stoned out of your gourd" meaning extremely intoxicated.

: : : : Why gourd I do not know. A gourd is a pumpkin type vegetable. Maybe someone else here can figure out the connection.

: : : Gourd = head. Because of the shape of some gourds, I imagine.

: : I was hoping that Bruce was being subtly funny, especially after specifically mentioning pumpkins, but maybe he's from one of those places where they make their jack o' lanterns out of turnips.

: Where I live we don't use mustard to make pumpkins, we put mustard on franks at Nathan's.

: Main Entry: tur·nip
: Pronunciation: 't&r-n&p
: Function: noun
: Etymology: probably from 1turn + neep; from the well-rounded root
: 1 a : either of two biennial herbs of the mustard family with thick edible roots: : one (Brassica rapa rapifera) with usually flattened roots and leaves that are cooked as a vegetable : RUTABAGA b : the root of a turnip
: 2 : a large pocket watch

: Main Entry: gourd
: Pronunciation: 'gOrd, 'gord, 'gurd
: Function: noun
: Etymology: Middle English gourde, from Middle French, from Latin cucurbita
: 1 : any of a family (Cucurbitaceae, the gourd family) of chiefly herbaceous tendril-bearing vines including the cucumber, melon, squash, and pumpkin
: 2 : the fruit of a gourd : PEPO; especially : any of various hard-rinded inedible fruits of plants of two genera (Lagenaria and Cucurbita) often used for ornament or for vessels and utensils

Bruce, I have no idea how the mustard comes into it, but in many places they really do make their jack o'lanterns out of turnips, parsnips, etc.