Halusian Gulp

Posted by Designquest10 on October 28, 2005

In Reply to: Halusian Gulp posted by ESC on October 26, 2005

: : : Does anyone know the origin and meaning of Halusian Gulp?

: : : Tom Wolfe has used in his writings (one example may be found in The Right Stuff).

: : :

: : Did Tom Wolfe know the Malaysian language? Had he traveled in Southeast Asia? Try Googling "Halus Gulp." Lots of hits, lots of stories, some involving elves, some frogs. Halus has lots of meanings, including names, but not many involve Gulps. SS

: Looking. Haven't found it.


Thank you for your reply. Do you read Malaysian? I did find several book titles with the word "halus" but have no way to translate / understand it.

I did find a DELETED entry from the Wicktionary:

"Halusian Gulp ....an irrational state of delirium and hopelessness accompanied by a feeling of vulnerability to some terr..." (link below).

However, that is all there is on the page, and I can find no information about origin.

Again, additional insights would be most appreciated!