Box your ears

Posted by Donna Dovel on October 21, 2005

My friend and I are having a disagreement regarding a definition your site used for the term 'box your ears'.

The answer was:

It means someone -- usually a parent -- uses both hands to smack a child (or other unlucky person) up side both sides of his/her head at the same time.
Think cymbols clashing together with a head in between.

I contend that this action includes the ears. In other words, the 'cymbol' action coming together at or on the ears (being on the side of the head).

My friend insists the ears aren't involved and that since it would break an eardrum that the phrase only means to smack someone upside the head without involving the ears (meaning more towards the back of the head). I know it's a silly arguement, but, we really need a resolution.