New Jersey Median Barrier

Posted by ESC on October 02, 2005

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: : We got this message at work last week. I'd never heard the term "jersey wall." You?

: : "I'm sure many of you have seen the jersey wall that was recently placed in front of the ATM (automatic teller machine) at the top of the parking lot of the Ash Building. It was an original idea we had over a year ago to direct the traffic flow from the Ash parking lot and ATM. We have since had the parking lot repaved and all employees should continue to follow the parking lot directional markings. The Transportation Cabinet will be picking up the jersey wall within the next 2 weeks."

: : images/blockade-jersey-wall-thumb.jpg

: "The New Jersey Median Barrier is the tapered concrete barrier that is used in many narrow highway medians, to prevent vehicle crossovers into oncoming traffic.
: The basic reason for the New Jersey profile is to redirect a vehicle that hits it. The vehicle's wheels and sheet metal on the impacting side ride upward to prevent vehicle rollover."