Empty vessels make the most sound

Posted by Smokey Stover on September 27, 2005

In Reply to: Empty vessels make the most sound posted by George on September 26, 2005

: I just checked your site for the phrase "empty vessels make the most sound". Whoever suggested the answer must have English as a second language, because the correct meaning is that that those people who have the least knowledge (empty) either speak at length to cover their ignorance, or speak most knowingly without realising their lack of knowledge. Either way they make the most sound.

Well, George, I'm the ESL student who contrived the answer that has you in a swivet. I often fail to give the most complete answer possible, apparently because of some confusion on my part. In this case I may have thought I was answering a different question, perhaps something like, "Why is this phrase used to mean that some particular person with a loudly expressed opinion is a dumbhead." I don't know why I thought an explanation of acoustics was appropriate. I'll try to improve my command of English. SS