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When the waters parted

Posted by Smokey Stover on September 23, 2005

In Reply to: When the waters parted posted by Victoria S Dennis on September 22, 2005

: : : : I need to know how the phrase "when the waters parted" is used in the English language. What are some of the modern day examples of how you would use this phrase? What might it refer to?

: : : Moses parting the Nile - a really great achievment. Thus the phrase can be used to indicate this type of event. Not common in the UK.

: : Not common in the US, either.
Very true about the Red Sea. Charlton Heston never parted the waters of the Nile. We have to set a good example for the readers who come looking for information. So it's truly embarrassing to have to mention non-restrictive clauses. SS
: Moses never parted the Nile! He parted the waters of the Red Sea so that the Children of Israel could cross over and flee from Egypt, and the Lord allowed the waters to flow back and drown Pharaoh's army which was pursuing them.