Brain fever

Posted by James Briggs on August 23, 2005

In Reply to: Brain fever posted by Russ Cable on August 23, 2005

: : What is the modern name for "brain fever"? People in C19 and early C20 literature seemed to get it alot (especially after a shock to the nervous system or a romp in the rain).

: Probably any of the many forms of meningitis or encephalitis. Here's an interesting list of "old-fashioned" disease names with their modern equivalents...
: genealogy/enoch/diseases.html

Interesting list. However, many of the 'old fashioned' names are still very current in modern medicine - H(a)ematuria for an example! No doctor would say to another doctor 'My patient's got blood in his/her urine'. It would always be'my patient has haematuria'.