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Suck her up

Posted by James Briggs on July 26, 2005

In Reply to: Suck her up posted by hersey on July 25, 2005

: Want to know the meaning of suck her up? a term used in the context when some one is about to leave?

From Brewer
Suck,or Suck-in. A swindle, hoax, deception,fiasco. To be sucked in is to be taken in, deceived, tricked, and one who is thus gulled is said to be a sucker. A suck-up or sucker-up
is a TOADY or creep.
Sucking was formerly used (after sucking-pig;) of the young and inexperienced,those in training, etc., as a sucking lawyer (an articled clerk), etc.
"The very curates. . . she, in her pure, sincere enthusiasm, looked upon as sucking saints."