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What is the meaning of

Posted by Smokey Stover on July 21, 2005

In Reply to: What is the meaning of posted by Fariba on July 21, 2005

: In Following sentences , What is the meaning of :
: ---Assuming we don't do this ? (What ? )
: ---Does it mean that the person wants to ask one question (because at first he says "any last one" ) or all the 60 question (because at the end he says go through all sixty of these ) ?
: The text is :
: And any last one that you want to stump us with --assuming we don't do this , you know, for the next two or three months and go through all sixty of these!

: I must clarify thatthey are speaking about a pack of sixty cards with slang terms on one side.
: you can find the whole text at :
: " voa/wm/wm243.html

: Regards
: Fariba

It's easy enough to explain the phrase "assuming we don't do this ... for the next two or three months..." "Do this" means, here, go through this whole process. But the writer of the passage does not have a good command of English, and you shouldn't be reading this stuff. The phrase "any last one" is not idiomatic English, perhaps not English at all. I checked out your URL. I would not invest in their slang flash cards. The page that I read, the page without the usual punctuation, cannot be used as an example of good, or even normal, English. Perhaps it's on the same level as "Slangman," a loser if there ever was. If you want to learn slang, first learn standard English, read a lot of it and seek entertaining or interesting books (to keep your interest up). When you hear, in conversation, phrases you don't understand, ask what they mean. Don't try to learn to speak or use slang, it's a waste of time. Slang always sounds a bit odd coming from someone for whom English is a second language. It sticks out, like wearing Lederhosen in London. SS

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