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I could not get a good description for the man

Posted by Fariba on July 20, 2005

In the following sentence :
SLANGMAN: " 'My dear son, Slangman. I'm never going to trust your Aunt Ruth again. I agreed to go on a date with her butcher (what does butcher means ??? ). I should have known it would be a mistake when she described him as having a "great personality."' (Laughter) I love this description for someone. If someone is not attractive, they have a -- "
RS: "Great personality!" So this person was really ugly
SLANGMAN: "'And he was nothing but a bean pole with chicken legs.'"
RS: "Oh, that's great."
SLANGMAN: "Now a bean pole is a pole you would put in the ground and then you would try to put the bean stalk around this very thin pole. That's how you make the beans grow. Now if a man is described as having chicken legs, that's not good. A lot of guys who work out with weights ( what does it mean ? do they want to lose weight ? or to gain weight ? ), they forget their legs ( ??? ), and they're considered as having chicken legs, because a chicken is big with little teeny legs. 'Well, I looked like a tub of lard next to him.' Now a tub of lard -- lard is fat, and somebody who is fat is considered a tub of lard, or we even say in slang a 'fatso.' Again, another mild insult."
I could not get a good description for the man , I mean is he a thin ( skinny ) person ??? or what ?

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