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Posted by Maria on July 20, 2005

I notice people use the phrase "and whatnot" and after reviewing the comments posted on your website, I am still not clear if they are using it properly.

It seems as if the word is meant to refer to various knickknacks or the shelf holding knickknacks, but has become used in a similar fashion as et cetera. Are they using it properly? Can you please provide further clarification on the proper use of the phrase?

Additionally, I have noticed people ending sentences with "and what have you" in a way similar to how they use "and whatnot". I used the phrase finder and could not find "and what have you". Can you tell me something about this phrase.

Lastly, can you please confirm that "nother" is not a proper word. I did not believe that it was but people who disagree with me have referenced me to websites that give a definition as if it is.

Thanks very much. MJB

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