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Can ne1 fink

Posted by Bob on June 16, 2005

In Reply to: Can ne1 fink posted by xx amy xx on June 16, 2005

: hey can ne1 fink of a rli kl "phrase that pays" for ym RP hmwk? thnx if u do luvyaz xxx

First of all, I am grateful for your kind offering of xxx. There is a severe shortage of kindness and affection in the world, and I'm flattered. I must, however, decline the offer, because your message has made me very sad. Allow me to explain: While I desperately hope that you are 11 years old and going through a phase you can and will outgrow, I fear you are actually 16, stuck in IM-speak, and doomed to a lifetime of vapid speech, post-literate dullness and probably perpetual unemployment. It's just too melancholy. uR D-prezzed bud, bob

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