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--- do it ----

Posted by Smokey Stover on July 09, 2005

In Reply to: --- do it ---- posted by ESC on July 07, 2005

: : : I'd really like to know the original version of the joke-phrase, oft customized for signs or whatever, most notably used in one episode of the Simpsons:

: : : "Bartenders do it 'till you barf"

: : : Other versions I've seen include "Rogues do it from behind" (Penny Arcade) and "Milkmen do it on your doorstep" (Father Ted).

: : : Can anyone shed light on this?

: :
: : I'd like to think it all comes from a toast I once heard, although I suspect that's not the case.

: : Here's to it and for it and to it again,
: : Let's all get to it to do it again.
: : The bees do it and die.
: : The birds do it and fly.
: : The dogs do it and stick to it,
: : So why don't you and I?
: : No? SS

: Let's Fall in Love (Cole Porter).

: Birds do it, Bees do it,
: even educated fleas do it,
: Let's do it, Let's fall in love.

I'm extremely grateful for ESC's post. Without it, I might have thought that my toast was a bit off-color. SS

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