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Posted by Bob on July 08, 2005

In Reply to: Carborundum posted by PAUL F on July 08, 2005

: question: "carborundum"

Actually, no, that's not a question. It's a single word. We are forced to gaze into the crystal ball to guess at your question. If you are looking for a definition, the best place to look is a dictionary. The anwers are more immediate than asking here. (By the way, it's a trademark which describes an abrasive of silicon carbide crystals.) If, on the other hand, you are inquiring about the joke-L@tin phrase "illegitimus non carborundum." that has been hashed over here on previous occasions and you should look it up in the archives. And no, it's not a real L@tin word, or substance. It was invented in the 1940s.

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