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Posted by Al on June 17, 2005

In Reply to: Seven-year-itch posted by al on June 17, 2005

: : : : : Despite the desultory meanings of "seven-year-itch" to mean 'an urge to be unfaithful after seven years' and the biblical passage of seven year scabies or locusts, I remain unsatisfied.
: : : : : There must be more to this phrase than the offered definitions. I agree that the number "7" has some sort of mystical connotation, but beyond this, a metaphysical meaning has not been explored....can anyone help in this regard?
: : : : : Dan

: : : : Why look for complicated explanations when the simple one fits the bill? I have never heard any other version than the urge to infidelity after seven years.

: : : : DFG

: : :
: : : From a previous discussion, see link below:

: : I seem to recall there being a sociological explanation linked to average period of courting, early marriage and the arrival of children. My recollection was that after 7 years, the young are old enough not to need parental protection, so he has a natural inclination to go off and impregnate elsewhere.

: : L

: Older folks in the rural Midwest US many decades ago spoke of persistant dermatitis as the "seven year itch". It seemed to be an exageration of any of the several irritations that rural people got from farm work rather than something specific. These people would have rarly had occasion to speak of infidility and frequent occasion to speak of dermatological irritations.

Additional note: as a youg adult I had occasion to work with young professionals from the Southeast US. They used "seven year itch" to mean that they were weary of their current position in the workplace and were moving "onward and upward" at some other place of employ.

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